Match Fixing and its Effect on the Gentleman’s Game

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Even the beautiful moon on a bright-lit full moon sky comprises of dark spots which are not apparently visible to our naked eyes because they are so deeply buried on its surface. The equivalently beautiful game of cricket is not devoid of these dark spots either which presents themseleves in the form of match-fixing, spot fixing and betting and its roots are so deep buried within that we often overlook its dirty existence.

Being hardcore cricket fans as we have our ”visionary balls” and are pretty happy just being enthralled at the beauty of the game. Now under the prevailing circumstances as we wonder as to how much wounded has our beloved game become because of this existing pollutant, then we cannot help but go down the memory lane and have a glance at the 2000 match fixing scandal that not only tarnished the image of the gentleman’s game but also changed a few treasured lives and left myriads of population who love this game equal to their life dejected.

Speaking for myself I have always been an admirer of the Proteas ever since I knew that a sport named Cricket existed. It all began with a cricket trump card I got with a couple of chewing gums n the masterpiece on the card was none other than the great “Hansie Cronje”. I became his fan at the tiny age of 6 when I was a brewing cricket learner. I respected this man from the core of my little bosom, emulated him, tried and be like him. But when the match-fixing scandal burst on to the scene consuming the pride of men whom we admired the most, I was in a state of shock.

Cronje's revelations shocked the world

Cronje's revelations shocked the world

Yes, Hansie was one of them. I was left a heart-broken-kid. The man who used to make me so proud with his glorious achievements brought me down to ground zero in a blink of my eyes. The man who put Cricket South Africa on the world map just tarnished the nation’s image, not to mention they were coming back after the “apartheid” period.

I just wondered at the so-called money-power. Forget “the pen is mightier than the sword” as nothing seemed mightier than those currency notes with numerical values printed on them which blended the glories of the to-be legends of the game like Hansie Cronje and Mohd. Azharuddin and so many other cricketing greats in the dust. What did they achieve so much for? They are now the most hated personalities around the cricketing world. Ever since then, match fixing has been an issue that has consumed many cricketing talents, the latest victims being Mohd Aamer, Mohd Asif and Salman Butt of Pakistan when they were found guilty of spot fixing in England and later sentenced by court to harsh punishments.

The match fixing issue is a violent drug potent of destroying a nations’ most exorbitant talent. The ICC has setup many authorities to look after the issue and hopefully they will prove to be effective in the long run. It is difficult to see our heroes crucified in front of our eyes. As I conclude this article I want to say that cricket will never forgive these “match-fixers” nor will fans like me who worship the game of cricket.

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